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AVFI Finishes

Please take a closer look at the available finishes for your podium. There are two types of finishes: thermowrap and laminate. Each AVFI podium/lectern is made with one or the other.

  • Thermowrap finishes use a MDF (medium density fibreboard) wood core that is wrapped under high heat.
  • Furniture grade laminate finishes use a MDF core sealed on one side with laminate.

Do you need samples to make a decision? Contact us and we'll have them mailed to you.

Thermowrap Finishes

Fusion Maple-FMT (thermowrap)

Auburn Pear-APT (thermowrap)

River Cherry-RCT (thermowrap)

Clove-CLT (thermowrap)

Crossfire Java-CJT (thermowrap)

Aria-ART (thermowrap)

Baroque-BRT (thermowrap)

Elegance-ELT (thermowrap)

Designer White-CWT (thermowrap)

Brushed Aluminum-BAT (thermowrap)

Shark Grey-SGT (thermowrap)

Ebony-EBT (thermowrap)

Furniture Grade Laminate Finishes (below)

Burma Cherry-BCL (laminate)

Hardrock Maple-MPL (laminate)


Brazilian Walnut-BWL (laminate)


Aria-ARL (laminate)

Baroque-BRL (laminate)

Cherry Hill Plank-CHL (laminate)

White-WHL (laminate)

Storm-STL (laminate)

Black-BKL (laminate)

The finishes below have limited availability. Please inquire.
Grey-FGL  (laminate)
Medium Cherry-MC  (laminate)
Dark Cherry-DC  (laminate)


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